Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a great way to prevent gutter and downspout clogs between cleanings. Through all of the years, I have seen some that work and others that do not. Most times, I see them neglected. Screens or guards get installed, then they are forgotten about. When trying to figure out if gutter guards are best for you, make sure they meet these three criteria:

  1. Are they cost effective – you should not have to take out a second mortgage!
  2. Do they restrict water flow – the last thing you want, is take away from what your gutters are designed to do!
  3. Are they easily removable – you want to easily remove for maintenance

Holey Moley

I believe these are some great examples, and meet all of my criteria for a great gutter guard. We offer the full line of aluminum engineered Diamond Back products, and my favorite there is the “Holey Moley” (pictured above)

Aluminum Gutter Guards

 Diamond back has 4 different types of guards to meet individual needs. There are dual mesh/screens that keep out pine needles, or tDiamond_Backhe ridged holey moley which is a rigid, ridged guard. Both promote excellent water flow, and excellent leaf and debris shedding abilities. They install flat across the top of the gutter, so they are not noticeable from the ground.

Available in Black and silver. Starting at $8.00 per foot installed.


Plastic Gutter Guards*

Keep leaves and debris from clogging your gutters and downspouts between cleanings with our gutter screens! Our 2 stage screens are made with 1/2″ holes for the water to flow through. They also have a second layer of screening, with holes about the size of a pin head, so even the smallest of debris will be kept out of your gutters! They install flat across the top of the gutter, so they are not noticeable from the ground.

*Not for use with cedar roof systems. Yearly cleanings are still recommended. Available in both brown and white. $2.50 per foot installed.


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